Are you one of the thousands of homeowners in Southern New Jersey who are in need of controlling a pest infestation in their homes? Then you probably would want to know that though there are many pest control agencies that claim to be the best, that claim to be safe, that claim to be effective, that claim to be pet friendly, that claim to be organic, that claim to be all natural and green, only a handful are actually good enough to hire when it comes to controlling pest infestation in your home, and few will do the job with a 100% organic solution.

Why to hire experts?

Getting rid of the harmful insects and pests is not enough, you need to seal their further entry to keep your house safe and free from pests. By controlling pests naturally you will also be able to keep various deadly diseases and illnesses outside of your home where they belong.

While there are certain products and chemicals available in the market these days, it is advised not to use these chemicals and equipment yourself. Instead, calling for an organic or green exterminator is the option that all health conscious homeowners should do.

You should not only be looking for an all natural, green exterminator, but one that is a local expert in organic pest control. Marlton, New Jersey -based Kimco Green Pest Control is one of the few New Jersey 100% organic and natural pest control agencies, with a reputation and experience that speaks for itself. We service Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and all surrounding areas of South Jersey.

Kimco Green Pest Control 525 S Rte 73, Marlton, NJ, 08053

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