How Treatment Works

How does your treatment work?
The natural essential oils that we use provide a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insect’s mental capacity (fries their brain). When combined with ethyl lactate, a corn oil by-product, it becomes a bio solvent which is instrumental in triggering instant erosion and dehydration of the insect’s exo-skeleton and subsequently, the egg and larvae. This differs from the traditional synthetic products that most PCOs use, which attack the insect’s central nervous system. That is what makes the synthetic products dangerous to humans, pets and our environment.

For every insect you see there are hundreds more in egg and larvae stages. Exposure to the products we use will destroy the egg and larvae stage, breaking the cycle and eliminating the next generation of insects.

Our treatment will be instrumental in the demise of numerous non beneficial insects including but not limited to ants, camel crickets, fleas, ticks, spiders, beetles, crickets,  roaches, earwigs and many others. It has no effect on sight driven beneficial and pollinator insects such as butterflies or bees. It will also deter rodents from the treated areas.

The first application is the most important and the objective is to make sure a liberal soak is accomplished to all areas including but not limited to the flower beds, shrubbery, grass and concrete areas.

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